RE: IPSec with Preshared secret warning.

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Why bother with a VPN?  Anyone that uses secrets like that deserves it....
I tend to use 20ish character secrets when I need to use them, mixed with
all the fun character switching tricks.  Encryption's there for a reason.


Shawn R. Quillman
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> to figure that one out)l. But seriously, I would be interesting to know
> how long it would take to crack a key that was more than 8 characters,
> that had both upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols in it,
> that didn't use the @ for the letter A :-)

I think that is the point. You would be surprised at some of the preshared
secrets in use:


Their ultimate recommendation for risk mitigation would be in using a
preshared secret of more than 8 characters, upper and lower case, number and
letters and symbols.

John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA
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