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It looks to me like your mail server is set-up to forward SMTP and you have
become a SPAM host.  As a result you are probably in violation of your ISP's
connection agreement.  Help prevent SPAM, shut down your SMTP relays.

If you are using Exchange this may help.;en-us;Q193922


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        No one has any suggestions on my inbound mail problem? I am getting
a bunch of mail directed to other domains. They are all e-mails promoting
                They all seem to be coming from the same place ""

Here is an example of what I am getting:

The following recipients did not receive the attached mail. Reasons are
listed with each recipient:

<goamerica@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> goamerica@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        MSEXCH:IMS:Pinkerton Academy:PA:PAEXCHSVR 3500 (000B09AA) 500  error
in command

Rod Rodriguez
Director, IT Services
Pinkerton Academy
603-437-5200 Ext 1117

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