[isalist] Certificates for publishing Exchange 2007 with ISA Server 2006

  • From: Raji Arulambalam <Raji.Arulambalam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 15:09:00 +1200



We have been using a self signed SAN certificate installed on the Exchange and 
ISA servers. This has worked well with only non-domain member  machines  and 
mobile active-sync users complaining about the certificates.
The ISA server is a member of the internal domain.

We now want to purchase a 3rd party SAN certificate and my questions are

- can we use separate certificates for communication between external users, 
ISA  and Exchange servers

- can we use the 3rd party certificate on the ISA server listener for external 
users only and then use the self-signed certificate for communication between 
ISA and Exchange server.

- if it is then where do I create the certificate request from - Exchange 
server or ISA server?

The SAN certificate contains:

The autodiscover domain is our email address domain.


Raji A

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