[interact_list] [Africa] Sierra Leone : Kimberly process, Nov 2001

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 14:05:52 +0100

Then to remind - what's on with Sierra Leone?

There is an article from 'Current History' (akio has it)
1: UN's humanitarianism never really works in Sierra Leone
2: So now UK's ex-colonial staff are pulled back to 'consult' 
(real multiple track diplomacy/cr facilitators are _? 
ex-colonisers ...ironically)

3: But no one knows how long this can be maintained. 
4: And now Pentagon is trainning African soliders to be a '
hard hitting PK fighters' - in Africa. So this time, colonisation will 
be done by 'indigenous mercenaries' - reality develops quick - 

Some favors expression as 'complex' but I don't think it's not proper. 
It's simple. We have to curb racism in North, this is the only 
solution - unless whatever tried by whoever - nothing really works. 

The following article is from Jerusalem Post. 
For Israel and Jewish community - Diamond is one of those huge interest
item (For Belgium, Germany, US, and Israel, Diamond is huge interest 
item)- you can read it from this article - so in Jewish medias there 
are much coverages about 'what's on' about Diamond. 

also in FT(Financial Times), Diamond/Jewel Industries are well covered. 
(go and figure by yourself - if you are interested)

I think that De Beer has been owned by Jewish family - but now it's 
bought by Anglo-Saxon company - I think. 

Article title: Diamonds in the rough
By Sharon Berger

Jerusalem Post's articles are often hard to retrieve (they change 
urls often and articles get lost) 

so go while it is still available. 

And don't buy diamond, anymore. 


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