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  • From: Day Brown <daybrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: infopartisan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:19:00 -0500

I quit using Yahoo soon as I found out they became a subsidiary of 
I dont do business with monopolies. I've never bought any Microsoft 
Their unethical business practices created lots of enemies, and thus we see
all the sabotage software, which wont quit till M$ is history.

I go on USENET from time to time, but the interface with a 56k modem access
is cumbersome and slow. I like being subbed to vox@xxxxxxxxxxx cause it is
sent straight to my email box; I can boot Xandros, and come back later 
to find
all of the vox and private email sitting on my drive. Gonzo faster than 
it from a server.

But- I remember QWKmail with the BBS networks like Fido, WWIV, Rampage,
et al, which archived all the public newgroup posts and my private in a .zip
and then extracted to the drive, with functionality lacking in Mozilla.

Occassionally, I get CC'd a copy of something, but these long lists of 
seems to cause sabotage software and spam problems to, or from, windoz 

I just received a newer oscilloscope, and have a design for a PC power 
that runs off a 12 volt car battery. I plan to sell the DC-PC to folks 
who live off the
grid, and run their homes on solar panels. But the first prototype will 
go online
as a BBS server that anyone anywhere can dial into direct, without using 
access, and get email and newsgroups. I can setup the BBS interface so 
it will not
have any spam, sabotage software, or authentication problems. Every time 
PC logs off, the host will record the time, as will your PC; and when 
you log back
on again, the host will ask the logoff time as the password.

The password will constantly change, and be stored on both host and 
desktop as
a *DOS* file, and both will be running DOS. Since DOS is not 
'multi-tasking', there
is no *background* for sabotage software to run in, and no way that it 
could hack
into the network or yer own desktop.

So, while I am dissatisfied with my newgroup options, I can see that 
them with the hardware and the software will only add to the appeal of 
the whole

Is there a way for ya to mark someone as a twit or troll in yer 
newsgroups so
that ya never havta sift thru their messages, but automatically not have 
included in the download? Or eliminate anyone who posts more than 10 
times as
much as the average in the newsgroup. Or where everyone in the 
newsgroups has
been googled, or in some other way, ascertained that they are a real 
person; not a
spam bot. Or where those who are filtered, are told why, because of 
rants, flaming or whatever, which offers them a way to modify their 

A coop so nobody can gain by selling yer stats in a buy out. A coop can 
make their
own rules like the above to eliminate those who abuse the commons of the 
village. Open source software, and the hardware is open, industrial 
standard parts,
with no gotchas when ya wanna upgrade.

Who funds Freelists?

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