[imiaoswg] Re: A quick update to ensure you we are still here

  • From: "Robin S. Carriere" <rscarriere@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: imiaoswg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 13:37:40 -0400

Great to hear from you Peter - hope you have a great vacation.

I'm looking forward to ramping things up again with the workgroup 
(especially in the new year when the wedding planning is over!)

One of my classes (statistics) requires that I create a survey and 
complete the analysis.  So I decided to pick a topic that was near and 
dear to my heart - Open source.   So I'm hoping that all of you on the 
list will consider completing the survey (and passing the link on to 
others who you may think are interested).   All the detail and 
information can be found here http://www.cs.dal.ca/~carriere/hhs/

I will also be doing a presentation at the University of Toronto-KMDI 
open source conference (http://osconf.kmdi.utoronto.ca/) in May.   I was 
initially contacted because the person saw reference to my involvement 
in this IMIA workgroup on the web!  

Take care,

Peter Murray - IMIA UK rep. wrote:

>Hello, everyone -
>a short note to let you know that the IMIA Open Source Working Group is 
>still alive and kicking - it's just that Graham Wright and I have been so 
>busy over this past year, it has been difficult to find time to do WG stuff 
>that has been oriented to getting all of you involved. We will try and 
>correct that over the next few months.
>An update based on our report to the IMIA General Assembly is available 
>through the website - www.chirad.info/imiaoswg - shows that we have been 
>doing things.
>Thanks to those who were involved in preparing submissions for medinfo2004 
>- we should hear about those in January. However, I have also said that we 
>wish to hold a joint IMIA OSWG and IMIA-NI OSNI meeting at medinfo2004 - so 
>plan to be there if you can.
>Graham Wright and I did a tutorial that was co-badged as  IMIA OSWG at the 
>AMIA Fall meeting in Washington DC recently.
>If any of you are AMIA members and have not already responded to the recent 
>email to members, there is frantic activity going on at present to try and 
>set up an AMIA open source WG - contact Tim Cook - tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  - for further details.
>I am on holiday from 23 Nov to 10 December - when I get back, I would like 
>to start getting some OSNI activites started - including upgrading the 
>website, which I know some people have already expressed interest in 
>helping with.
>If anyone is going to be doing any conference presentations on OS, we can 
>look at giving OSWG 'sponsorship' to them (no money, but the name on the 
>submission can often help!). We want to get the members of the group 
>involved in activities - I know some of you expressed interest in potential 
>activities - my sincere apologies for not yet following up on them; we will 
>try to do better over 2004.
>Final bit of news - we have had discussions with Ignacio Valdes and agreed 
>to endorse Linuxmedicalnews as our official 'news outlet' for the WG. We 
>will be finalising a form of words that everyone is happy with, but I think 
>the WG members deserve to be the first to know. LinuxMednews remains 
>totally independent and run by Ignacio, but we hope to work together to 
>everyone's mutual benefit.
>You may also want to look at the following if you haven't already had an 
>invite - www.chirad.info/opensteps/marwell01.htm - we cannot pay travel for 
>people to get there, but if you are interested in attending, let us know 
>(see below for pasted text of the meeting information).
>More when I get back from holidays.
>Regards, Peter Murray
>The Marwell Open Steps meeting is the first of a series of three meetings 
>planned for 2004 as part of the activities of the IMIA Open Source and Open 
>Source Nursing Informatics Working Groups.
>The purpose of the meeting is to identify key issues, opportunities, 
>obstacles, areas of work and research that may be needed, and other 
>relevant aspects, around the potential for using open source software, 
>solutions and approaches within health care, and in particular within 
>health informatics, in the UK and Europe.
>Participants will gather for lunch at 12:30 on Tuesday 10 February. The 
>afternoon and the following morning will be organised around a series of 
>workshops and breakout meetings. We will use the Interactive Presenter 
>digital voting technologies, provided by Peak Performance of Chepstow, to 
>poll opinion and stimulate discussions. The meeting will finish with lunch 
>on Wednesday 11 February. A private dinner has been arranged for the 
>Tuesday evening, and participants will be accommodated overnight at the 
>Marwell Hotel. Further detail will be sent to registered participants in 
>late January 2004.
>The meeting will be loosely based in format on the successful 'radical 
>Steps' meetings held by the BCS Health Informatics Committee, but in 
>addition to seeking the breadth of participants' opinions will, through the 
>use of Interactive Presenter and Delphi-like iterative processes, will seek 
>to prioritise issues. The meeting will generate reports that will form the 
>basis of further discussion at the HC2004 and medinfo2004 meetings. 
>Individual views of participants will not be attributed, to allow for free 
>expression and broad discussion.
>The Marwell meeting will be followed by a larger meeting to be held at 
>HC2004 in Harrogate in March, which will allow for a wider audience of 
>clinicians, managers, informaticians and other interested parties to attend 
>and explore and expand on the issues raised from the Marwell meeting. A 
>further meeting, to seek international exploration of the issues raised in 
>the first two meetings, will be held at medinfo2004 in San Francisco in 
>September, as part of the IMIA Open Source and Open Source Nursing 
>Informatics Working Groups' meeting. In addition, reports from all of these 
>meetings will be made available through the chirad.info website, and we 
>will encourage further contributions from those unable to attend the Open 
>Steps meetings.

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