[ilug-cal-website] Reverse DNS

  • From: Surendra Singhi <ssinghi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ilug-cal-website <ilug-cal-website@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 17:12:16 +0530

  We need to setup the reverse DNS for www.ilug-cal.info now. Please advise or
help in doing so.

From the website:

| Reverse DNS works in a similar method. For your IPs, reverse DNS (turning
| back into host.example.com) starts with your ISP (or whoever told
| you what your IP addresses are). You let them know what DNS servers are
| responsible for the reverse DNS entries for your IPs (or, they can enter the
| reverse DNS entries on their DNS servers), and your ISP gives this information
| out when their DNS servers get queried for your reverse DNS entries. Then,
| anyone in the world can look up the reverse DNS entries for your IPs, and you
| can return any hostnames you want (whether or not you have control over those
| domains, although you should have permission to point them to hostnames that
| are not on your domains).

Surendra Singhi
http://ssinghi.kreeti.com, http://www.kreeti.com

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