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  • Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 23:09:32 +0530

To line changed from main ilug-discuss to ilug-website.

"A. Mani" <a_mani_sc_gs@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Friday 04 August 2006 19:33, Surendra Singhi wrote:
>> Hello folks,
>>  The ilug-cal wiki is now online at
> preferences is not working fine.

Please be more precise.
> The "create account" form should collect more information....so that the user 
> can provide relevant information about age-group, qualifications, background 
> and capabilities. 

Why? People can create their User pages and put whatever they want. IMO
ilug-cal should not collect any personal information whatsoever, because I am
not sure if anyone is going to take responsibility of its secrecy, it should
solely be left at the discretion of member what they want to publish about

> Can you put in a good html editor or some extension for content creation.

It is the default media-wiki install, and the default editor. I don't like the
tag soup generated by FCK editor or TinyMCE etc. Besides, more importantly
being consistent is necessary, if it is a wiki, then lets stick to the standard
wiki conventions so that there are no surprises.


Surendra Singhi
http://ssinghi.kreeti.com, http://www.kreeti.com

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