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  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 07:04:34 -0700

I am heart-breakingly desirous of participating in the plead for skills day!
Local 206
Shop DP
On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 3:40 PM, ILSSA Operator <
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> dear ILSSA,
> It is that time of year again! Time for us to count the heads (and hands
> and hearts, but we'll stick to heads, as they are easiest to count) of those
> who plan to participate in the 3rd Annual Festival to Plead for Skills on
> Thursday, July 7, 2011.
> As you may already know, each year on the seventh day of the seventh month
> ILSSA celebrates its own version of *The Festival to Plead for Skills*.
> The festival is derived from the Chinese holiday of Qi Xi and the Japanese
> festival of Tanabata, in which celebrants wish for the betterment of their
> own craftsmanship. Instead of wishing, the ILSSA festival is a holiday of
> We invite all ILSSA Members to observe this holiday by generating some sort
> of small object as iterations of their practice. The resulting objects
> should be no larger than 2 inches in any dimension, and should be the
> natural result of practicing a skill: using a tool, trying a method, honing
> a technique. Conceive of this project as something you can complete entirely
> on July 7th. We imagine Impractical Laborers spanning the continents,
> practicing together in observance of the holiday.
> After the Festival, we ask that you mail one of each of your objects to all
> other participating members, such that everyone can share in your practice
> of that day. (International members, you may send one package of all objects
> to an Operator, who will distribute your practice with hers.) To that end,
> we will send an updated ILSSA Member Directory of all Directory members in
> early July, indicating which members are participating in the Festival. If
> you have any address changes, regardless if you're participating in the
> Festival, be sure to let us know!
> As each member handles his or her own postage and box-making for the
> accumulated objects (see template below) there is NO FEE to participate. But
> in order for all members to know how many objects to make, we do need a
> headcount! So please write directly to operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to
> let us know if you're a YES.
> *AND*
> another festival-related invitation:
> Did you participate in the 2010 Festival? Would you like to make a guide to
> the festival objects: a simple affair that shows images of objects and their
> corresponding statements? (See the below 2009 Guide for reference.) If you'd
> delight in making 75-100 copies of such a thing, write your co-operators at
> operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We are happy of course to cover your
> (modest!) material expenses. (Perhaps you didn't participate in the 2009
> Festival and thus did not receive the 2009 guide. If you'd like a copy,
> email us! We have a limited quantity available, first come first served.)
> *other news*
> We are ashamed that you do not yet have in your hands the last 2010
> Quarterly, but we co-operators will together be sitting and *hand
> addressing* those at the end of May, so we can guarantee they will be in
> your hands within the first weeks of June.
> And, btw, have you renewed for 2011? This Quarterly will be your last
> mailing if you have not, and we would be so sorry to lose you from our
> ranks. We'd also be disheartened to remind you that if you do not renew, you
> will receive no more publications from us, you will not be listed on the
> website, nor in the directory, and thus will not receive anything from the
> Festival, nor would you be eligible to participate in the 2012 exhibition at
> St Mary's. Gosh! It is SO WORTH the $12, not to mention we need you to stay
> strong! (to renew: http://www.impractical-labor.org/join.html, select
> "2011 membership", and write a note via Paypal stating you're a renewal, and
> yours ever impractically,
> the co-operators
> *--*
> ILSSA Operator
> operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.impractical-labor.org
> *--*
> ILSSA Operator
> operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.impractical-labor.org

Lark Preya
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