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That's possible.  The only problem is that we're only working with about 3
or so feet of table space, so we'd need to consolidate all the info.  Does
anyone have time this week to work on this?  Realistically, I don't think I


On 02/13/2004 10:39 AM, "Deepanjan De" <> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I would think compiling senior design projects might be pretty
> interesting.  Some of the people had some pretty cool posters and that
> might be attractive to set up.  Is there any way we can ask people if
> they still have posters intact from last semester?
> Deep
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> Hey All,
> Engineer's Week is coming up during the week of Feb. 23rd.  Basically
> this
> entails a series of displays and tables all week in the Connelly center.
> See below for more info.  What are your thoughts on how we should
> represent
> ECE?  Should we compile some senior design projects or just create a big
> poster?  Would we be able to get volunteers to stand at the tables?
> Sean
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> Subject: Engineers' Week
> Hi everyone!
> I told you all at last Friday's ESC meeting that I would e-mail you
> the times we have the lower level of the Connelly center reserved for
> Engineers' Week.  Monday Feb. 23rd through Thursday Feb. 26th from 9
> am - 5 pm we have space for 6, 6ft long tables.  One of these tables
> will be reserved for the sophomore robotics competition display,
> however depending of display space demand it may or may not be there
> all 4 days.  The remainder of the tables can be shared and utilized in
> whatever ways necessary to accommodate participating organization
> displays.  Please respond to this e-mail by Wed. the 18th letting me
> know what days and hours your organization plans to demonstrate its
> bragging rights (you wouldn't be a successful engineering student
> organization if you didn't have awesome and exciting projects, goals,
> and member participation).  Also indicate whether your organization
> needs to use a whole of half of a table.  I don't foresee having too
> much space conflict, however, we can make schedule alterations as
> necessary if you guys get back to me with these details.
> Engineers' Week will be a great time to show your non-engineering
> friends what you dedicate so much of your time and energy to in CEER
> and how worth it it is.  Also, it'll be a great way to advertise your
> organization (especially the new ones!) to other engineering students
> to recruit new members.  If your feeling extra creative, remember that
> you could make some kind of competition for passersby to participate
> in that could perhaps be a small fund raising venue for your club
> (ie. paper plane competition, or counting estimation jar--like how
> many marbles are in a certain container but maybe something a little
> more relative to engineering inside).
> Finally, if you are going to have to leave large displays overnight in
> the Connelly Center please make a quick call to Anetta 9-7273 (she
> works for the scheduling department) and explain what it is.  She'll
> be able to answer any related questions you might have.
> Sorry for the lengthiness of this e-mail everyone.  I hope you all
> have a good week.  Remember to start planning and get back to me
> asap.  THANKS!
> ~Maggie Flynn
> ESC Treasurer
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