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Actually the optimal solution is to build your symbol graphics with the
property 'PATH' placed in the symbol and then changed to invisible.


Then, change the User variables - PATH - Hide


For on the fly changes (this works only on the page you have up in the

            Type in the command window at the bottom of the Concept
window (you can turn this on in the View pull down menu): find PATH<>

            :display inv<>

            This will make invisible all PATH properties on that page.


Hope that helps,




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Not sure if there is an easier way, but this is how we deal with it.
First, see if it is listed under Display / Show / Hide menu. If not, add
it. See the attached doc.

See the attached word doc explaing how to add it into your Concept menu
under Display/Show / Hide menu. The scripts are supplied by cadence.

Hope this helps,

Fritz, Carl wrote:



Each time I add a schematic symbol in Concept, the path appears whether
it's pulled from our library or copied.  The only way I can figure to
turn it off is to attribute each symbol individually and turn them off
one by one.  Is there a way to either keep the path from appearing when
adding a library part or globally turn them off sheet by sheet?







Carl Fritz

NCR Corp




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