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Hi Julie:

First of all, let me say I understand the need to have the dot put back on, as 
it can be important to have.  Unfortunately, I'm not the one who makes those 
decisions, however, I can tell you that normally, this would not be covered 
under warranty, as warranty repairs with all of our other products only cover 
manufacturing defects.  With that said, if you wanted to send it back and test 
the waters, you're certainly welcomed to.  Be advised, however, that we would 
not do it here but have to send it back to the manufacturer and thus, you'd be 
without it for a couple of weeks, perhaps.  I don't know if it's worth it to 
you for all of that trouble.  It may be better to find a way to do your own dot 
replacement.  Perhaps an investment in some Himarks or a small piece of tape or 
something would serve you.  However, it is strictly up to you, if you'd  like 
to be the first one to request this repair.  

I'm sorry I don't have better info for you, but since this hasn't been answered 
and the weekend is approaching and I didn't want this to go unanswered and have 
you think you were being ignored.  Certainly, if the authorities have a better 
answer, I'm sure they'll answer you.


American Printing House For The Blind
1839 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY  40206

PHONE:  1-800-223-1839, Ext. 307

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Hi list,

I have just noticed that over the past few days, after riding around in my
purse comfortably, my bump on my dot five has sadly worn away. There is not
real damage to the Braille plus, but I was wondering if this is something
that is covered under warrantee, not broken, but I think it got chipped off
or really rubbed down. It's a very small thing, but it makes a big
difference.once its gone.


Any ideas?




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