[icon-discuss] Re: erors when deleting tmp and update folders--further update instructs.

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I should have been more specific. Only delete directories in the root of the drive that start with TMP. You shouldn't delete anything else in any other location, and not files that end with tmp. It doesn't sound like this is fixing most people's problems anyway. And as Pamela said, there is no reason to do this if you haven't even tried the update. In general, It sounds like there are several issues here, but common ones. please give LevelStar staff time to get in to work and read their email (It is just 8 now in colorado). there's no need to continue to report issues that have already been reported. Let them figure out what the problems are, and report to the list about what to do.

For those of you who cannot download the update at all, use the link Mike McDonald just sent. Place the two files anywhere on your hard drive or on a connected USB drive or Mini SD card. Simply go to File Explorer, and press select to first run the 106 build 28.upd file, and when that has finished installing, find the 1.1 build 1.lsi file and press Select to run that.


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Hello, all,

No, I have not tried to download the new software yet!

After reading tons of messages, I tried deleting any files which start or end with tmp. Some were deleted. Some could not be deleted. I got the message "error in deleting file.
This was true when trying to delete the update folder.

What now?

Thanks for your help.  This is a great list!

Joe G.


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