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Hi margaret,  hope you recover quickly .... and welcome back to our zanie


No integrated QWERTY option in Orion handheld computers....


Orion will have a Braille keyboard and a numeric keypad;

Orion 18 will have a Braille keyboard, an 18-cell Braille display with
router keys, but no numeric keypad.


Both Orion devices will support 3rd parties external keyboards.






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Greetings all,

I've been away having surgery and haven't kept up too  well with all the
news so, if this is  a stupid question, apologies in advance!  Will there be
a qwerty version/keyboard-option for the Orion or will the input  be
strictly Braille?  

I look forward to taking in the CSUN podcasts and related. 


Many thanks,



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