[icon-discuss] Question for all BraillePLUS owners; also getting some window-shopping time with the BraillePlus

  • From: Rob Lambert <rml695@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <icon-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 21:48:59 -0700

I have seen some pictures of the Plus (I use a very powerful magnifier on my 
MacBook) and the keyboard looks cramped. I've still got a 15 year old Braille 
'n Speak and I know what cramped keyboards are like because of it. LOL I have 
not updated in 15 years, and I really am looking at a new device, but i'm 
at...well...6 forks in the road. LOL. I'm looking very closely at the Braille 
Plus as one of the devices I'd like to get. So yeah is the keyboard on the 
BraillePlus cramped? Also, a good friend of mine told me that where she is if 
she needs to look at something such as the BraillePlus or Icon, that she can 
(in the sense of equipment loans for review purposes). I'm from Nevada and I'm 
not sure what we have here besides Easter Seals (which I heard on the news last 
week will be closing due to funding issues I think) and the NFB and I'm not 
sure if they have a tech lab or not. I know the local Blind Center only has the 
BrailleNote and PACmate (last I looked). What I'd like to do is to actually 
make a hard look at the device, but I can't make it to the conventions this 
summer due to my need to take the Praxis for my bachelors in special ed.

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