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Hello List: 
I  am looking for research that addresses the effectiveness of tactile 
graphics  and three dimensional models as educational materials. Of course I  
that tactile graphics and models are valuable, but has their  usefulness 
actually been studied? I have been searching with Google, and so  far, haven't 
usable information. Thank  you. 
Robert Jaquiss, Executive Director
VIEW  International Foundation
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West Monroe, Louisiana  71291-8653
Phone: (318) 396-1853
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Hello Robert,
Of course you are right! There is much anecdotal evidence about the value  of 
Tactile Graphics.  I suggest you talk with Steve Landow from Touch  Graphics, 
Inc., to see if he has any information on current research.   National 
Braille Press is currently investigating the subject, funded by a grant  from 
Reader's Digest Foundation.  We are consultants for the project.
Hope this is helpful.
All the best,
Shirley  Keller, Director
Creative Adaptations for Learning - CAL
38 Beverly  Road
Great Neck, NY 11021-1330
_www.creativeadaptations.org_ (http://www.creativeadaptations.org/) 
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