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Thanks for the link.

The only thing that I see on slides 3-7 in your presentation that
we can't do today with the [External ***] and [Node Declarations]
keywords is the cascading a buffer model in [External Model] with
an [External Circuit] serving as an on-die interconnect.  If the
buffer model would be provided in an [External Circuit] (which are
cascadable in the current spec), everything on your slides could be
done today.

The thinking in those days was that [External Model] was kind of
an interim solution for improved buffer modeling while keeping the
"foot print" of [Model], but the expectation was that eventually
all buffer models would end up in [External Circuit], allowing for
as many (supply and signal) terminals as needed for accuracy.

This "migration" of buffer modeling to [External Circuit] didn't
happen and consequently we are starting to see the need for
cascading [Model] (optionally [External Model]) with [External
Circuit] which would contain the on-die interconnect model
(optionally with IBIS-ISS).

As soon as we eliminate the limitation in the current specification
that [Model]s can't be cascaded with [External Circuit] (BIRD 145),
we could do everything that is shown on your slides.  Another way
to achieve the same result would be to find a way to put [Model]
inside [External Circuit] but that could become a little more 

So I am not sure I understand what you are referring to by saying
"We did not adopt many of the features", because to me it seems
that we are only missing one feature.  Could you elaborate on that?



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Per IBIIS Interconnect meeting comment regarding extending
IBIS for both more general analog buffer modeling and also on-die
interconnect, here is a presentation that relates to an original
multi-lingual proposal.


(particularly slides 3-7)

We did not adopt many of the features, and we went a
different direction in the released specification  (for example,
direct connection of the model to the die pad).
BIRDs 116-118, 145  and others attempts to backfill and
add some, but not all of the features.

However, the reason for showing this is to explore the
requirements for a more general buffer model and
on-die interconnect within traditional IBIS.


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