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Excuse me, but how did the language on pg. 18 of this presentation:
change from:

| If the Reserved Parameter, Use_Init_Output, is set to "False", EDA
tools will
| use the original (unfiltered) impulse response of the channel.
| The algorithmic model is expected to modify the waveform in place.

into what is in the text of the BIRD107:

| If Use_Init_Output is set to "False", the EDA platform will present
| input waveform directly to the AMI_Getwave call (i.e. without
| the waveform with the impulse response returned by AMI_Init).

The two paragraphs have a significant difference and I didn't see
any discussion on that change...  Could someone please explain that
to me?  What happened with the "impulse response of the channel"?



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The enclosed BIRD, "Update to Algorithmic Modeling API (AMI) Support in
IBIS," is submitted on behalf of Todd Westerhoff, SiSoft and Zhen Mu,
Cadence Design Systems.  It will be introduced and discussed at an
upcoming IBIS Open Forum teleconference.

All resolved and pending BIRDs can be found at http:// <<bird107.txt>>

- Michael Mirmak
  Intel Corp.
  Chair, IBIS Open Forum


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