[hllug] Re: Linux distro for 486 or Pentium 100Mhz with 16MB of ram

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> Linux distro for an old $50 laptop!
> I have a friend with an old laptop that would be a worthy test machine.
> You can install DeLi Linux using floppy disk too if necessary!
> See review of Deli Linux
> http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20070521#feature
> DeLi Linux website: http://delili.lens.hl-users.com/

DeLi is "intensely minimalist". The browser, for example, is Dillo which is
fast but functionally limited.  I was able to install DSL on an old Pentium
90 (90 MHz) with a 1 GB hard drive and 32 MB of RAM.  Firefox was very slow
but it did function.  I downloaded DeLi with the intention of trying it on
that machine but never got around to it.  The ISO file I have is 0.7.1
(naturally) but I'm downloading 0.7.2 as I type this.  The optimum machine
for DeLi is a 166 MHz Pentium and I've got one so I'll probably try it on
that too.


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