[hipl-commit] [tiny] Rev 3656: Synchronized to trunk revision 3914.

  • From: Tim Just <tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-commit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 19:48:56 +0200

Committer: Tim Just <tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed Mar 10 18:48:17 2010 +0100
Revision: 3656 [merge]
Revision-id: tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Branch nick: tiny

  Synchronized to trunk revision 3914.

  D  debian/README.Debian
  D  debian/cron.d.ex
  D  debian/emacsen-install.ex
  D  debian/emacsen-remove.ex
  D  debian/emacsen-startup.ex
  D  debian/manpage.1.ex
  D  debian/manpage.sgml.ex
  D  debian/manpage.xml.ex
  D  debian/menu.ex
  D  debian/watch.ex
  A  lib/core/filemanip.c
  A  lib/core/filemanip.h
  A  lib/core/hip_udp.c
  A  lib/core/hip_udp.h
  A  lib/core/hit.c
  A  lib/core/hit.h
  A  lib/core/hostid.c
  A  lib/core/hostid.h
  A  lib/core/hostsfiles.c
  A  lib/core/hostsfiles.h
  A  lib/core/keylen.c
  A  lib/core/keylen.h
  A  lib/core/solve.c
  A  lib/core/solve.h
  A  lib/core/transform.c
  A  lib/core/transform.h
  A  lib/tool/checksum.c
  A  lib/tool/checksum.h
  M  .bzrignore
  M  Android.mk
  M  Makefile.am
  M  autogen.sh
  M  configure.ac
  M  debian/changelog
  M  debian/control
  M  debian/copyright
  M  debian/dirs
  M  debian/docs
  M  debian/rules
  M  doc/HOWTO.xml
  M  doc/doxygen.h
  M  doc/verbose-header-files.txt
  M  doc/verbose-headers.txt
  M  firewall/cache_port.c
  M  firewall/conntrack.c
  M  firewall/esp_prot_api.c
  M  firewall/esp_prot_config.h
  M  firewall/esp_prot_conntrack.c
  M  firewall/firewall.c
  M  firewall/firewall.h
  M  firewall/firewall_control.c
  M  firewall/firewall_control.h
  M  firewall/firewall_defines.h
  M  firewall/firewalldb.c
  M  firewall/lsi.c
  M  firewall/midauth.c
  M  firewall/pisa.c
  M  firewall/rule_management.c
  M  firewall/user_ipsec_esp.c
  M  firewall/user_ipsec_sadb.c
  M  hipd/accessor.c
  M  hipd/bos.c
  M  hipd/cert.h
  M  hipd/close.c
  M  hipd/cookie.c
  M  hipd/cookie.h
  M  hipd/esp_prot_hipd_msg.c
  M  hipd/esp_prot_light_update.c
  M  hipd/hadb.c
  M  hipd/hadb.h
  M  hipd/hidb.c
  M  hipd/hipd.c
  M  hipd/hipd.h
  M  hipd/hiprelay.c
  M  hipd/hiprelay.h
  M  hipd/init.c
  M  hipd/input.c
  M  hipd/input.h
  M  hipd/keymat.c
  M  hipd/maintenance.c
  M  hipd/maintenance.c.doxyme
  M  hipd/nat.h
  M  hipd/netdev.c
  M  hipd/netdev.h
  M  hipd/nsupdate.c
  M  hipd/oppdb.c
  M  hipd/oppipdb.c
  M  hipd/output.c
  M  hipd/output.h
  M  hipd/pfkeyapi.c
  M  hipd/pfkeyapi.h
  M  hipd/user.c
  M  lib/android/regex.c
  M  lib/conf/hipconf.c
  M  lib/conf/hipconf.h
  M  lib/core/builder.c
  M  lib/core/builder.h
  M  lib/core/certtools.h
  M  lib/core/crypto.c
  M  lib/core/crypto.h
  M  lib/core/debug.c
  M  lib/core/debug.h
  M  lib/core/hip_capability.c
  M  lib/core/icomm.h
  M  lib/core/message.c
  M  lib/core/message.h
  M  lib/core/misc.c
  M  lib/core/misc.h
  M  lib/core/prefix.c
  M  lib/core/prefix.h
  M  lib/core/protodefs.h
  M  lib/core/state.h
  M  lib/ipsec/ipsec_strerror.c
  M  lib/ipsec/pfkey.c
  M  lib/ipsec/policy_parse.c
  M  lib/ipsec/policy_parse.y
  M  lib/ipsec/policy_token.l
  M  lib/tool/lutil.c
  M  lib/tool/lutil.h
  M  lib/tool/nlink.c
  M  lib/tool/pk.c
  M  lib/tool/xfrmapi.c
  M  modules/update/hipd/update.c
  M  patches/openwrt/package/Makefile
  M  release.version
  M  test/auth_performance.c
  M  test/dh_performance.c
  M  test/performance/perf_measure.sh
  M  tools/hipl_autobuild
  M  verbose-headers.txt

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  - trunk         (parent-id: diego@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) 

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