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 September 2010
FAA Guidance on Parallel Runway Operations
Please click on the link provided to view a memo from the FAA that is intended 
to make clear that glider operations on grass strips parallel to a paved runway 
are NOT prohibited by FAA rules requiring a 700 foot separation between 
runways. Thanks to Steve Northcraft and Phil Umphres for obtaining this ruling 
from the FAA.FAA Parallel Runway Ruling
The Pre-World is coming to the USA in Uvalde Texas in 2011.
During the dates of August 4-14 the Pre-World contest will be in Uvalde, Texas. 
Many International pilots are making plans to attend, and would like to RENT 
gliders for the contest. If you have a glider to offer for rent, please send 
your name, and type of glider to Linda Murray, Contest Manager 
(Linda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). We are making a list of available gliders.
We will provide the list to the International pilots and they will contact you 
for the specific arrangements. 

The world is coming to Texas! The 32nd World Gliding Championships will be held 
July 28-August 19, 2012 . 

New FAI President Elect John Grubbstrom
Lausanne, Switzerland, John Grubbström has become the new FAI President 
following his election at the FAI General Conference held from 5 to 10 October 
2010 in Dublin. John Grubbström succeeded Pierre Portmann, who stepped down 
the FAI Presidency after six years in office and was elected FAI President of 

John Grubbström is a Swedish medical doctor born in 1948. Before his election, 
he held several high positions in aviation related non-profit organisations and 
the FAI, which included President of the Swedish Air Sport Federation and FAI 
Vice President. 

"We face large challenges and change of approach is a condition for 
We need to get to use our full potential within each area; be it airspace, 
safety, media, regulation, youth recruitment or other areas of our joint 
concern. After all, no one knows air sports better than we! Each of us has some 
second competence we can contribute with; our collective competence is 
overwhelming. Common well known goals where everybody contributes on national 
and international levels are paramount. Each and every one of us must step down 
from the gallery and join the team in the field," said John Grubbström.

A holder of the Hot Air Private Balloon License since 1974, John Grubbström has 
been a frequent competitor (he took part in the World Air Games 2009 in Turin) 
and official in hot air ballooning, having flown in over 20 countries on all 
continents. He has been a Jury member, Steward and Competition Director of 
numerous events, including World championships. 

Honorary President of the Swedish Ballooning Federation since 1985, he was 
awarded with the FAI Airsport Medal in 1998 and with the Royal Swedish Aero 
Gold Medal in 2004.

About the FAI 
The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the World Air Sports 
Federation, is the world governing body for air sports and for certifying world 
aviation and space records. The FAI (www.fai.org) was founded in 1905 and is a 
non-governmental and non-profit-making organisation. 

Kolstad Youth Scholarship
The Kolstad Youth Scholarship committee has just announced that the amount of 
the award given to the recipients of the scholarship will be $5,000! That can 
a long way to help a young soaring pilot with college expenses such as tuition, 
books, room & board, etc. Due to fund raising activities and gifts, we are very 
happy to be able to significantly raise the award from previous levels. We 
hope that this new level will inspire young soaring pilots to apply for this 
prestigious award!
SSA Has A New Badge "Dude"
We are pleased to announce we have filled the position for the badge and record 
position. Rollin Hasness, who lives in the great state of Washington has 
accepted the position and will begin work soon. Rollin has been flying since 
age of 16, was a member of the Civil Air Patrol during his high school and 
college years. He also served in the United States Air Force for four years and 
served as an air traffic controller. After the Air Force, he worked for the FAA 
for thirteen years as an Air Traffic Controller. He has been a flight 
of both single and multi-engine aircraft and instruments. He has flown charter 
in both single and twin aircraft and advises he's been an airport "bum" during 
his fifty years in aviation. Rollin will begin working with the badge and 
committee in getting up to speed in processing badge and record claims. We hope 
when you see Rollin at the gliderport you give him a big SSA welcome.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cindy Brickner for filling 
in as our "badge lady" for the last several months. She has spent considerable 
time reviewing record claims while taking care of her day job running Caracole 
Soaring. Erik Mann has also been a help to us this summer in locating a new 
badge person. Cindy and Erik will be instrumental in getting Rollin up and 
running as your new badge person. Once again, SSA volunteers at work. Thank you!
SSA Conference in Philadelphia
Planning for the SSA Conference is taking shape and many speakers are being 
scheduled (if you would like to speak, please contact Bob Lacovara, 
blacovara@xxxxxxx). Several groups are hosting meal functions, and we're also 
planning our annual awards banquet. The Sheraton Hotel has advised members have 
already started making reservations (call 215-238-6638 - ask for the SSA group 

Once again, the Soaring Safety Foundation will be hosting a FIRC on Tuesday and 
Wednesday before the conference begins, as well as a Safety Seminar on 

OSTIV will once again be hosting a Thursday evening lecture and dinner.
The first person to correctly identify the person in this photo will receive 
of SSA's hot new T-shirts. Send your guess to Mechelle at mradcliff@xxxxxxxx 

Last Month's Contest Winner 
Congratulations to Hank Claybourne of Oklahoma City, OK for correctly guessing 
last month's photo of Joe Lincoln.
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