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  • From: John Sandford <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 23:03:59 GMT

Hi all

With regards to the discussion at last months meeting regarding the 
funding of the club meetings the consensus of those present was that 
the model suggested be implemented, and was as follows...

An advance subscription of three months to be paid by regular members 
starting from next wednesday (this months 2.50 is also due) and covers 
the 2nd quarter(april - June). (allowing me to pay in advance for the 
hall rental of 60 ukp per quarter)

This would be at the current rate of 2.50 per month, 7.50 per quarter.
a minimum of 8 members is required to maintain this payment level and 
will be reviewed each quarter, if more than 8 members support the club 
in this way then refreshments can continue to be supplied "free", if 
any profit is generated greater than one quarters rent payment this 
would be used to reduce the last quarters subs.

Members who are unable to attend regularly can if they wish opt out of 
this quarterly subscription, but will be asked to pay an increased 
donation when they attend a meeting of 3.00 ukp these payments will be 
kept in the refreshment fund.

I hope the above is acceptable to all and will ensure the continued 
presence of the club.

John Sandford   West Herts   UK

Hemel Hempstead RISC OS User Group email info@xxxxxxxxx

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