[HFbeacons] Re: Aurora on ten (5 Aug 2011)

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Interesting Georg - especially to see the aurora doppler shift frequency
off-set.  Difficult to hear but easy to see on the image!

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Hello Steve and Colin,
yesterday evening between 21:07 UTC and the early morning of 6th,
I was scanning OH5SHF on 28.2284 MHz.
Between 21:07 and 22:30 UTC OH5SHF was on my screen.
Around 21:49 UTC was a bit Aurora with a typical rough tone 40 Hz below 
the origin signals.
After 22:30 to the early morning abt 05:00 UTC no signals of OH5SHF to 
see on my screen.
Best 73´s
Georg, DJ7KG
Anyone hearing aurora signals on ten metres tonight?  I have been out all
day so my only band scan today was at 22.15z, but I heard beacons LA4TEN 51A
as well as my 'local' beacon via tropo 559, and GM4WJA in N Scotland 55A on
SSB.  I'm not QRV at the moment or I'd be in there calling CQ!

Steve , G0AEV.


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