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  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 16:35:18 +0300

Hello All--

After a long vacation the hardware-guru.net <http://www.hardware-guru.net/>is

The summer is here, although in some places it's still raining
we are suffering here from a heat wave that will probably be finished
at October time frame. We we would like to send our warm regards to all the
people in UK which are still struggling with the constant rain and

Hardware-guru.net has become the home of all hardware engineers
where ever they are. We are hardware lovers which gain more
than 40 years of experience in board design, FPGA/ASIC engineering
and contributing to the hardware cutting edge technology for the last
20 years.

what can I find in hardware-guru.net?

Interview Qustions <http://www.hardware-guru.net/interview_quiz.htm> - helps
you pass the job interview easily
Board Design <http://www.hardware-guru.net/board_design.htm> - covers board
design aspects
System Design <http://www.hardware-guru.net/system_design.htm> - articles on
system design issues
Lab Stuff  <http://www.hardware-guru.net/>- things which are helpful when
you spend your time in the lab

email: guru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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