[openbeos] Re: Wow! Great beginning!

  • From: "Anthony Quinn" <aquinn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 14:04:30 GMT

Here it goes - (Same intro I used on BeGroovy) :)

Name : Anthony Quinn
Occupation : Sr. Software Engineer / Consultant
Years Experience : If you count from the time I started (VIC 20 boot 
rom basic) 14 years.  Professionally for 7 years.
Languages :  Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Assembler, Java (And I have used 
all in various projects through out my career)
Interests : Assembly programming I do not like AT&T style either.  I 
prefer NASM (It is similar to Turbo Assembler) :) And not to mention
allot easier to read for the x86 platform.  Also I would not mind 
working on the OS services side of the house.  I have written several 
"server" type applications for Windows, X11.  Network coding is also 
something I like doing so net_server, or app_server, or media_server 
would be all right with me.  

I prefer to receive direction than give it.  From that I mean if there 
is high level design, requirements hand them off and I can hit the 
ground running.  I have worked in various team environments before with 
projects ranging from 3 months to 2 years.

I also have been doing extensive internet focused development since 
1995...I have followed the internet boom and also the different 
technologies for writing server side applications.  I prefer writing 
the guts of things versus developing a user interface.  Was never that 
good at it.  I tend to spend more time on trying to making things be 
precise than effectively producing a UI on time. :)

So in a nutshell :

Utilities, libraries, servers and an occasional device module would be 
my cup of tea.


>There are more than 25 of us! That is 1/2 as many as was working at 
>I don't want to lose a second of momentum, though.
>Would everyone mind mailing to me personally 
(mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or to the list if you would prefer, your 
area of interest, what you want to do (develop, test, document, lead) 
and (very briefly) what your qualifications are?
>I will start and do so publically, just to show you who I am and what 
I would like to know:
>My name is Michael Phipps, email is mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I want 
to lead and develop for the kernel. I have a degree in CS (Rochester 
Institute of Technology, if anyone cares). I work every day as a 
developer in a performance driven C++ environment. I did a 
concentration (4 courses) in low level CS (compilers and OS) and worked 
with others to develop an operating system on an SGI Indigo, as 
coursework. I have been a member of the BeOS community since DR8.
>OK - I wasn't so brief. But I am applying for the biggest job, so I 
guess I have to explain myself more. :-)
>Thanks to everyone for joining. Don't be shy! Many of us are 
opinionated. Myself maybe the most. :-) But your ideas are just as 
important as any one elses. Think of this as a risk free opportunity to 
practice being more assertive. :-)

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