[haiku] Re: What happened to GOBE?

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Two of the original developers of GOBE still have legal ownership of the GOBE 
Productive, the active legal entity is now GOBE Software. You can purchase GOBE 
Productive 3.04 for Windows only on www.gobe.com.

I had a brief email with one of the guys and he said if there was enough 
demand, there could be a BeOS/Haiku version. The code is still maintained, 
although at a reduced rate.

An open source version of GOBE Productive is probably out of the question. 
Considering that GOBE Productive always had the best reviews of any word 
processor / spreadsheet / layout / charts for BeOS, maybe we should consider a 
limited licensing deal. I understand that this might be a controversial idea, 
but it will be many years before there is anything as good as GP for Haiku.

- Andrew

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My 2 cents worth, its easier to give birth than to resurrect the dead.  Go 
beyond the GoBe work and even AbiWord and either contribute to the latter or 
make a new combination suite of tools for Haiku.


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