[haiku] Plan of attack: Mozilla Trademark Usage Request

  • From: Matt Madia <mattmadia@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 12:27:47 -0500

This details
--issues of not being able to use Mozilla's trademarks in Haiku
--what can be done
--initial rough draft for trademark request.

I'm hoping to gain feedback, especially with improving the wording for
trademark request.

Firefox2 and the entire Mozilla 1.8 branch will be reaching it's End
of Life, where no future changes will be allowed.

Due to the nature of Mozilla's check-in process, the BeZilla team is
unable to get our desired patches committed.

These patches range from being necessary to compile native Haiku
binaries to greatly improving the functionality.

As a result, any Mozilla-binary that we produce for Haiku and release
will not be allowed to use any of the Mozilla trademarks.
This includes but is not limited to names, such as Firefox, Mozilla,
SeaMonkey, folder names, and Mozilla's grahics.

It is possible to obtain permission to use Mozilla's trademarks in
certain cases.
A request must be made.
The following is quoted from the original thread at

Plan B is described in Mozilla Licensing under "I want to distribute a
modified version of Firefox (or other MPL-covered code). What do I
have to do?"

* We need to list and make the modifications available on the net for
at least 12 months (no problems)
* Add MPL headers to new files (no problems, only a few NSPR-files)
* Include a statement that your code is derived from the particular
piece of MPLed code you started with (e.g. Firefox), and a list of the
names of the Initial Developers of that code (just point to mozilla

* We probably need a Mozilla Foundation trademark license for (the
Firefox name or logo).
According to the policy on trademark usage we need one as it will be
some 'serious' modifications.

Before we put forward a request at Trademark Usage Requests, is there
any opinions and comments, and maybe even a good wording for such a

I guess that the changes to Firefox should probably be fairly limited
to get their approval:
* gcc4 fixes
* configuration changes for Haiku building
* bugfixes for Haiku building
* new NSPR (if not checked in)
* Native colors fixes
* Native executable (by hand or by mmadia modified patch)
* port setup fix.
* other?

Here is my initial rough draft

Mozilla Foundation,

This is a formal request for a trademark license.
Our goal is to implement Haiku ( http://haiku-os.org ) specfic changes
to the Mozilla source code and to maintain the Mozilla trademarks,
including Firefox, Thunderbird and other products.
Haiku is an open-source operating system currently in development,
inspired by the BeOS. Haiku shares much common ground with BeOS,
including binary and source code compatibility. This allows us, the
BeZilla developers to create a new port, specific to Haiku, based upon
Mozilla's BeOS port.

Firefox v2 is nearing its End of Life and we, the BeZilla developers,
are unable to provide patches for the necessary changes in a timely
fashion. Firefox v3 has not been a viable option on BeOS, due to its
requirements ---(compiler or Cairo?)---. As such, we the BeZilla
developers wish to re-use our BeOS-based efforts on Firefox v2 to
provide the Haiku community with a quality browser that is Firefox.

Below is a brief outline of our intended modifications.
-gcc4 fixes
-build system: recognize Haiku as a valid target
-build system: re-locate certain files to allow direct binary
launching; currently a shell script is used to launch.
-modify detection of host UI colors; currently Firefox's UI behavior
is inconsistent in comparison to BeOS.
-improved NSPR; see bug number 300595

Thank you,
The BeZilla Developers


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