[haiku-development] Re: RFC: Package management and handling of settings files

  • From: Antti Soininen <antti.soininen@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 19:09:38 +0300

23.4.2013 22:04, Stephan Aßmus kirjoitti:
I don't find that nice. I frequently find myself in the situation
where I desperately want some help from the package management in
getting rid of bogged configurations. I.e. I don't want package
management to ignore the problem of settings. Ingo's proposal is to
at least "mark" packages where merging should be possible. Sounds
good to me. But even if merging is not possible, I want PM to be
aware of settings. For example, it should at least allow me to get
rid of any customizations (overridden default settings) when
deinstalling a package.

If user has modified a configuration file in Arch Linux, the package manager saves the new configuration file with the extension .pacnew and tells the user that a new configuration file is available. This lets the user to do whatever he wishes with the new file. There are, of course, utility programs that merge trivial changes automtically and let the user choose the action in the non-trivial cases.

If user has not modified a configuration file and a new is available, the old one is always overwritten.

Gentoo has a similar mechanism to handle the configuration files.

Altough I always get a headache when I have to manually merge files in /etc, I think these Linux distributions do it as right as it can be done in an *nix environment.


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