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  • Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 18:17:19 -0500

I meant to imply that the use of the e-mail list as a discussion forum was
stupid, not that any particular person was stupid.  It didn't come out right
when I sent the original e-mail.

However, I still believe that this list is not the place to hold
discussions.  First of all, it can be difficult to reference the older
topics of the thread.  Searching through 500 e-mails to find this info can
be a daunting task.

Second, When new people join the group they have no record of what has
transpired and to expect them to sift through all the e-mail, were someone
to forward it all to them, would be ridiculous.  If all the discussions are
in the forum, they can read the topics which interest them.

Third, splitting the discussion between some on the e-mails and some on the
forum only serves to splinter the group.  We will have disconnected topics
of discussion and repeated arguments for the same things.

This e-mail list is not setup like the Glass Elevator one where people can
also login to a threaded form of the e-mails.  As such we should not be
using it for this purpose and instead use the online forum.  Trying to use
it as such is ridiculous and destroys any chance of having a meaningful
discussion meaning we will not be able to produce professional results.

There is no need for people to read the forum on a daily basis but if people
want to be a part of this group they should devote at least a portion of
their time to read the forum on a weekly basis.  If you can't do that much
then you need to seriously reconsider your membership in a group such as
this.  Reading AND responding to the forum once a week is not unreasonable.

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You know, normally I agree with the things Stuart says (in the forums) but I
have to agree with DigitalSin here.  I have compelling reasons to avoid the
forum on a daily basis (as what DigitalSin described).  I am not stupid,
Stuart.  I'm almost willing to let your insult slide since you are one of
the people on the forum that seemed to voice the need for serious design
professionalism, which I agree with.

However, if this kind of arguement and insult continues, I really don't know
if I will want to be a member of the CDT.

>Stuart, if you don't have anything constructive to say than just don't say
>anything. This kind of talk only gets people aggravated and annoyed - it
>raises tension between members.
>Furthurmore just because you don't like mailing lists doesn't mean you
>go around calling everyone stupid for using it. It is a resource with it's
>own uses. Alot of different projects on the internet use mailing lists as
>their ONLY means of communication, and it has worked pretty damn well for
>On the issue of the forum I would use it more often, but I am on a 56k
>in North America. For whatever reason - beit congestion or a slow backend-
>the forum in Slovakia? is way too slow. I am looking for a fast, free proxy
>in the netherlands to speed it up. Oh.. and why can't I post in the CDT

>On Friday 15 March 2002 10:22, you wrote:
>> No, there isn't an archive because people in this group are stupid.  They
>> insist on using this stupid e-mail list, instead of the OBOS forum, to
>> discuss issues like this.

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>> Hi all i'm new to the list and was wondering if there was some archive
that i
>> could look over so that i can catch up. (ie all the sugestions for tee-
>> shirts) also are there any basic outlines that we will be following? any
>> thing else that i should know. thanks so much.
>> ben~

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