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  • From: "Miroslav-Stimac" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 11:20:53 -0000

#6319: Problem with multi core CPU
  Reporter:  Miroslav-Stimac  |         Owner:  nobody                          
      Type:  bug              |        Status:  new                             
  Priority:  normal           |     Milestone:  R1                              
 Component:  - General        |       Version:  R1/alpha2                       
Resolution:                   |      Keywords:  multi core cpu, alpha 2, 
installation, problem
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Comment (by Miroslav-Stimac):


 Thank you very much for your response.

 Now I tried it with the nightly build r37453 GCC2HYBRID. The system stops
 when the second CPU core is enabled.
 Meanwhile I enabled on screen log output while booting. The system stops
 always at the same line.

 publish device: node 0x8226ed70, path power/embedded_controller/0, module
 ahci: ahci_supports_device

 When starting from the boot CD of Alpha 2, sometimes it runs a bit longer
 and stops a few seconds later, for example when the screen for the
 language selection appears.

 Please note that I used the safe mode and I disabled all features except
 video mode.
 Among others, I also disabled ACPI in the Safe Mode Options of the Haiku
 boot Loader and I disabled the CPU Power Saving Mode in my BIOS

 The only option that helped was to disable the second CPU core in the
 BIOS, but this is not good because of performance. However, when the
 second CPU core is disabled, the system boots without any noticeable
 problems and I can use the system.

 As I mentioned, the Haiku Alpha 1 version worked with both CPU cores
 without any boot problems.

 Best wishes,

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