[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #4335: [Interface Kit] menu draw a split second earlier than the contents draw

  • From: "leavengood" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2012 01:59:08 -0000

#4335: [Interface Kit] menu draw a split second earlier than the contents draw
   Reporter:  diver               |      Owner:  leavengood
       Type:  bug                 |     Status:  closed
   Priority:  normal              |  Milestone:  R1
  Component:  Kits/Interface Kit  |    Version:  R1/Development
 Resolution:  fixed               |   Keywords:
 Blocked By:                      |   Blocking:
Has a Patch:  0                   |   Platform:  All

Comment (by leavengood):

 Well the outline followed by the contents is definitely related to
 hrev44458, but beyond that, even BeOS rendered the menu background before
 the content (I was testing menus in BeOS within VirtualBox last weekend.)
 Probably marking this fixed based on hrev44458 was premature, but diver
 seemed to be happy with it which is why I closed it.

 If we never want menus to show with partial content we would need to
 change how the window is shown, and I'm not even sure if it is possible to
 wait to show the window until the contents are drawn (well anything is
 possible, but I'm not sure how hacky it might be.)

 Overall with all these issues related to Haiku being slow in VirtualBox, I
 think we have something about Haiku which VirtualBox does not like which
 makes it run slower than other OSes. I can recall years ago a VirtualBox
 developer scoffing about something being bad in Haiku, at least where
 VirtualBox was concerned. It might be worth looking at that more closely
 too. Though that doesn't mean we should ignore these issues which show up
 on slower machines.

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