[haiku-bugs] [Haiku] #10037: ActivityMonitor replicant locks up Tracker upon startup

  • From: "stippi" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 07:39:37 -0000

#10037: ActivityMonitor replicant locks up Tracker upon startup
 Reporter:  stippi     |        Owner:  nobody
     Type:  bug        |       Status:  new
 Priority:  normal     |    Milestone:  R1
Component:  - General  |      Version:  R1/Development
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 Blocking:             |  Has a Patch:  0
 Platform:  All        |
 I am trying to debug a problem I am observing after the PM merge. Tracker
 locks up during boot. I am not sure yet what to make of it. I have an
 !ActivityMonitor replicant on the Desktop. Someone decided it was a neat
 idea to watch for input devices in the System information monitor, even
 though that is not even supported in our input_server, yet. Anyway, this
 calls watch_input_devices(), which in turn calls _control_input_server_,
 which in turn sends a synchronous BMessage to the input_server. In the
 input_server, the messages is simply forwarded via !PostMessage() to the
 !AddOnMonitor. A reply is send there. The Tracker stack crawl is always
 the same, blocking in port_buffer_size_etc(), see attached screen shot. A
 couple of weird things go along with it:

  * Deskbar always runs, I can use !ProcessController to start the
  * Even though I have links to !LaunchPad and Workspaces in my
 home/config/settings/boot/launch folder, only Deskbar runs. One time
 !LaunchPad came up as well.
  * I have changed the implementation of _control_input_server_() to send
 the message with a timeout of five seconds, yet Tracker still locks up.
  * I have never seen this problem ''ever'' before the PM merge, but I
 embed the !ActivityMonitor replicant since ages.

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