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Hi all --
I have a question about the windows desktop and task bar and tool bar that involves putting icons in the systray.
Sorry if this is off-topic for the lists I'm posting to, but I'm desperate, and these lists seemed the most likely to produce results.

Now when I set up my computer I had an icon stuck on the tool bar for the connection status of my network, which is a wireless network, but it would work for whatever connection was in use.
Now someone at some point walked me through some context menu to a dialog and drop down list that let me specify when to include the connection status in the systray.
For some reason at that time, the tech guy had me specify to put the connection status in the tray only if it was active, but otherwise hide it.
Well, this sounded reasonable, but I soon found that although the icon was in the sys tray on the desktop, it was unlabelled until I clicked on it, at which point a stupid, rather unwieldy dialog popped up involving the various networks and connections, etc. So I would exit out of that, but then mysteriously the button would be labelled, and so when I went back to the desktop and hit insert+F11 to have jaws call up the systray list, the connection info was all there. But until I went through the trouble to unhide that label by clicking the mysterious button, it was hidden and therefore jaws would not pick it up.

So I've been experimenting with having windows configured to always put the connection status in the systray, even when it is disconnected, as this might solve the problem of the label or icon being obscured.
But now I can't find the crazy dialog where I made the specification in the first place.
I've spent hours poking around in all kinds of context menus and dialogs and options and settings, but simply can't find it.

Can anyone make sense of what I'm saying and do you know how to do this?
Where is this specification of what goes in the systray?
And more appropriately, where can I specify how a connection status is displayed?

I tried the start menu and task bar options, as that dialog has a lot of things to check and specify for the task bar at the bottom of the screen, including icons in the tool bar, and of course I have looked all through everything related to the connection / network specs, but it's just not there as I remembered it.

So if anyone has an idea, please help! I need to check my connection status occasionally as I'm using a wireless network and a cable modem with a wireless router, so the modem or the signal from the router gets interrupted from time to time.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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