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Hi all --
I know there has been a competition going on between the various mobile 
phone access software solutions, but the following has recently come up on 
the MobileSpeak mailing list that I thought you might be interested in, and 
in fact if you don't want MobileSpeak perhaps you can suggest it to your own 
Someone got the bright idea of using MobileSpeak in conjunction with the 
phone camera to provide light and color identification capability to a blind 
Here's the description.
You can read more about it on www.CodeFactory.com
Take care!
Color Recognizer (MCR)

Mobile Color recognizer and light detector (MCR) is a unique software which 
was developed to work with Mobile Speak and Mobile Accessibility. It can be
installed in camera phones (currently it works with almost all Symbian 
series 60 phones). MCR can be used to determine the color (or different 
of an object by taking a picture of it. MCR also can be used to know the 
level of light. MCR offers several options so that the user can configure 
program according its needs e.g. adapt the local light conditions, select a 
zoom level, level of confidence. MCR is very easy to install into the phone.

 Product Highlights
List of 6 items
. Multi-color mode. Allows to determine what colors an object is composed 
. Location mode. Allows to determine the location of different colors in a 
multi coolor object (for example, top green, left light blue")
. Different Zoom levels.
. Light Detector.
. Allows to save user configuration and light conditions.
. Calibration mode in order to receive even more accurate results.
list end
 Product Info

Mobile Color Recognizer is made of one single file that can be easily 
installed on the phone. There are different shortcut keys so an easy use of 
the software
is guaranteed.

Color Recognizer

The colors which can be identified are: White, Gray, Black, Yellow, Orange, 
Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Purple. Light tones of the colors and dark
tones of these colors also can be detected.

Light Detector

The software can detected 4 different levels of light: Bright, Normal, Dim 
and Dark. The user simply has to point the camera on an object (for example 
wall or the ceiling) and MCR will tell the level of the light of the 

 Supported Phones

Nokia 7650, 3650, 3660, 6600, 6620, 6670, 7610, 6630 and Siemens SX1. MCR 
will be adapted to the Nokia 6260 soon.

The results of the color recognizer depend on the camera of the phone so 
there will be better results in newer phones (the ones that have a 1.3 
camera). The Nokia 7650 and the SX1 may not give that accurate results like 
the other phones. Before using the Mobile Color Recognizer you should have
read the manual and do some training in order to get the most accurate 
 Related Sections
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. Check out Mobile Speak, our screen reader for mobile phones.
. 'What phone should I use?' We help you choose!
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Legal Info
©2004 Code Factory, S.L.

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