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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 14:50:25 -0500

Most of you have probably used or heard of the many blind access tools and 
scripts Jamal has written over the years, especially to support windows 
software development by blind programmers.  A few weeks ago, he posted mail 
asking someone to set up a paypal button on their web page to help collect 
money for the full source license for "Text Grab SDK", which he then can use 
to implement more tools without worrying about license restrictions. He 
wanted to put the donation button on a different page from his own to avoid 
any conflict of interest for his job.
What can I say.  I tentatively volunteered, and no one else did, so now I am 
inviting everyone to my site, where you will find my personal family web 
page, and a donation section describing the software Jamal wants to 
If you want you can skip the personal part by jumping to header level 1 
until you get to the heading "Getting Down to Business".
There is a description of the software, and a link to a donation page where 
you can pay using paypal.
Proceeds minus paypal's business fee (1 or 2%) will be sent to Jamal.
There is a running balance on the donation page, so after you are returned 
to the donation page you can see the sum increase.

Jamal has been very prolific implementing tools that help us program and 
access windows.  I hope a few will stop by and contribute to the software 
fund, then wait and see what all he is able to do with the software.
The goal amount is $700.00.
Take care.

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