[guispeak] excel and window-eyes reading row-column headers question

  • From: "Dan Thompson" <dthompson5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 12:55:39 -0500

Hi All,
I want to have window-eyes version six read the row and column header as I 
arrow down  over the names in column a.

In this worksheet I have names down the left except for a1.
Starting with b1 through m1 are months and n1 is a total cell.

I have used the alt plus shift plus h keystroke to name  reach the  header 
or total feature.
I looked at the section 21 of the window-eyes manual and am still not 
getting  it right.
Now I somehow got excel to read the first name in  a1  along with the name 
already in the cell.  For example, in a1  is nothing.  A2 has judy.
A3 has sam.  However, Window-eyes reads it as judy sam even though judy is 
not in that cell.
When arrowing across, to b3 that should show the amount spent by Judy  in 
January, window-eyes reads
january judy and the amount for that cell.
When arrowing down to b3, that should be amount by Sam in January, 
window-eyes reads judy sam and the amount in b3 and will not read the month 
that is January.
I am feeling a bit stupid for just not getting this what seems simple 
process fixed.  Can someone please help.  I am working on writing a tutorial 
using Excel with Window-eyes along with the activities.  If I can't get it 
work, I certainly can't expect students to get it working.
Thanks for any help in advance very very much.

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