[guispeak] Re: TextPal 1.6 released

  • From: Kevin Russell <kevin_russell@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 15:08:15 +0100

Hi Jamal

Please could you explain a little more about the JAWS Script Exchange 
program.  I'm guessing it's for sharing JAWS Scripts.

Many thanks.



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Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx> 
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06/10/2006 14:37
Please respond to


[guispeak] TextPal 1.6 released


Version 1.6
Released October 6, 2006

Added optional set of JAWS scripts to fine tune TextPal interface in ways
that could not be done otherwise.
 The setup program uses JAWS Script Exchange,

As an alternative to F9 combinations, reading by paragraph may be done
with Alt+Numpad5 (Center key) for the current paragraph, Alt+DownArrow for
the next one, or Alt+UpArrow for the previous one.  Default JAWS scripts
intercept these keys for other purposes (opening and closing a drop down
combobox).  Additionally, these scripts suppress the often unnecessary
verbalization of keystroke names, such as "Shift F8," leaving just the
command name if appropriate, such as "Complete selection."  If the scripts
were installed and you would later prefer default JAWS behavior instead,
however, you can do this by pressing Insert+0 when TextPal is active, and
down arrowing to the following line:


Delete the initial semicolon character (;), which uncomments the code, and
then press Control+S to save and recompile the scripts.  Press Alt+F4 to
exit JAWS script manager.

If you prefer not to install the JAWS scripts in the first place, e.g.,
because you are a Window-Eyes user, press Spacebar to uncheck that option
of the setup program.
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