[guispeak] Re: Special Introduction To Computers Class This Summer

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  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 17:25:27 -0500

Unfortunately, for this summer, we're focusing on Windows XP Professional.  It 
is my hope that we can move to Vista next summer.----- Original Message ----- 

  From: Glenda Born 
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  What operating system are you focusing on?  XP? Vista?  Hopefully someone 
will come up with some training materials for Vista soon because it's here.  
We've done some training with our trainers in Texas in the rehab agency but I 
haven't heard of anything for the general blind public.

  Glenda Born

  At 03:05 PM 5/16/2007, you wrote:

    Dakota State University in Madison, SD, is offering CSC-105, "Introduction 
to Computers," specifically for blind and visually impaired students from June
    18-29, 2006.  This course will feature a general introduction to computers 
and a general introduction to the Microsoft Office Suite.  It provides an 
    of computer functions with emphasis on word processing, spreadsheets and 
database software packages. Students will learn to use keyboard shortcuts 
    for successful and efficient operation of the computer by blind and 
visually impaired computer users, as the course is designed with screen reader 
    in mind.
    All students will learn to utilize keyboard commands that will enable them 
to effectively utilize the computer in a world often using
    mouse-oriented language and concepts.  All students will be using a screen 
    I am instructing this course and would be happy to answer any questions 
anyone may have about lodging, costs, etc.  Please feel free to contact me by 
email or by phone.
    Keith Bundy
    Director of Student Development
    ADA Academic Coordinator
    Dakota State University
    MSN: keith_bundy@xxxxxxxxxxx

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