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Hi Keith,

What are the pre requisites for this course other than 2007?  I guess you 
have to know how to do online and use the web?

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Dakota State University is happy to announce that its Introduction to
Computers Class is being taught online this fall with one section
specifically designed for screen reader users.  The class begins on
September 2 and runs for 15 weeks.  Our staff is making sure that the
text will be accessible for screen reader users, users of Braille
displays, and users of Dragon Naturally Speaking with JAWS and J-Say.

The course is entitled "Introduction to Computers."  It presents a brief
introduction to personal computers, along with Windows XP and Vista.
The vast majority of the course focuses on Office 2007.  Individuals who
sign up for the class and do not currently have Office 2007 installed
will be able to purchase the program for $20 from DSU.  I will be the
instructor, and I am a totally blind computer user who has used the
computer with assistive tech for over 20 years.

The cost for all distance education courses at Dakota State is  $219.55
per credit hour.  Thus, this three-credit course will cost $658.65.  I
know that, in South Dakota, the rehabilitation agency for the blind is
willing to pay this tuition, and other state agencies may be willing to
do so as well, given the fact that, to my knowledge, this is the only
course of its kind being offered with accessibility for screen reader
users in mind.  We also welcome students from outside the United States.

Students can either sign up for the course using our on-line
registration form or by calling our office at 800-641-4309. The student
will want to identify Keith Bundy's section as the one they are
interested in. The Course Prefix is CSC 105 and the SYN number is 24511.

The registration form is at


If anyone has additional questions, please feel free to email or call
me.  Feel free to circulate this announcement to any individual or list
you may deem beneficial.

Keith Bundy

Director of Student Development

ADA Academic Coordinator

Dakota State University

Madison, SD


Email: keith.bundy@xxxxxxx

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