[guispeak] JAWS Script Exchange 2.2 released

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:28:20 -0500 (EST)


JAWS Script Exchange (JSX) is a free, open source application intended to assist and promote the sharing of script files among users of the JAWS screen reader (from freedomScientific.com). JSX facilitates both the installation and packaging of script files. If a set of script files are available in a zip archive, JSX will help you install them to the appropriate JAWS folder on your computer. If you have script files you want to share with others, JSX will help you package them into either a zip archive or a self-installing executable.

Recent changes:

Miscellaneous fixes. Added merge support for .jgf files. During a merge, if a file with the same name as a container file already exists, it is now backed up with a numeric suffix, e.g., to Default_01.jss. Made JSX compatible with 64-bit Windows. Included latest version of Inno Setup. Added three optional script sets: JFW Technical, JLS Utilities, and Script Template.

At the end of the installation process for the complete JSX application, six script sets are now offerred. These options are unchecked by default. You can check one ore more of them to install their zip archives with JSX, i.e.,

BX, the Jaws toolbox, by Doug Lee

HomerKit, the Homer script library and editor interface, by Jamal Mazrui

JFW Technical, menu-driven inspector of Windows environment, by Michael Curran

JLS Utilities, advanced alternative to JAWS home row mode, by Jim Snowbarger

Script Template, a template for event-based scripting of JAWS, by Jamal Mazrui

Scripts for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, by contributors from the blind programming community

These zip archives are stored in a zip subfolder of the JSX program folder, located by default at

Shortcuts for installing them are included in the JSX program group on the Start Menu, so they may be installed at a later point, not just during installation of JSX.

A shortcut and zip archive are also made available for reading full documentation of JAWS, itself, in "structured text format." These are .txt files with organizational conventions that add navigational benefits of .chm files (the help format installed with JAWS). EdSharp, a powerful, speech-friendly editor, recognizes structured text format, and has hotkeys for efficiently searching topics or navigating sections within it. This free editor is available at

In addition, shortcuts to open zip archives of four other development tools for JAWS scripting are now included. They are by this author under the LGPL license:

AppStamp, utility for updating a package from a web server

HomerJax, registration-free COM server with web client and XML support

IniForm, utility for creating a dialog from an ini file

InPy, custom Python interpreter (including code snippets for 35 web client tasks)

Thus, the JSX distribution has become a powerful collection of developer tools for JAWS scripting. Free, open source contributions by blind programmers provide valuable components and utilities.


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