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  • Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 13:38:11 -0500

This may be a long shot, but what version of IE is your friend running? If IE7, 
if you are on a link and open a new window, it may be a browser window that you 
get to by hitting control+tab, not an operating system window which is another 
process altogether, and which you get to by hitting alt+tab.
Sometimes in my experience, when following certain links (and I've never been 
able to figure out why), the browser window is stuck behind the stack of 
windows rather than in front, so you have to control+tab to get to it.
This also happens with new OS windows -- as the page is loading, it is stuck 
behind the current page until it is all there.

Am I making sense? I don't know all the terminology, but this phenomenon 
happens to me a lot so thought I'd comment.
Good luck.

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  I am trying to help someone with his IE settings, and I cannot, for the life 
of me, figure out how to make this work.


  Here's the situation.  This person has his own web site.  The site is put up 
by a web hoster and it's a good, accessible site.  When he tries to access 
certain links on his site, the links will not open.  They will, however, open 
on every other computer we've tried this on.  The links he cannot access are 
links which open in a new window.  I had him right click on the link and he 
didn't even get the same context menu I got.  There were no items in his menu 
referring to opening the link in a new window or tab.


  I have checked every browser setting I can think of and I can find nothing to 


  I would appreciate any input about this problem.


  Thanks in advance.


  Dan Kerstetter



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