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Microsoft (Press Releases) Monday, March 07, 2005

Microsoft Gives Mobile Devices a Voice in Europe

Microsoft Voice Command gives users the power of speech control for
their Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs

London -- March 7, 2005 -- Today, Microsoft launches the first
voice-controlled software specifically designed for Windows MobileT
2003-based Pocket PCs in Europe - Microsoft® Voice Command. Voice
Command transforms Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices into
virtual interactive personal assistants by enabling effortless,
hands-free management of a range of functionalities such as phone,
contacts, appointments and Windows Media® Player. This application is a
cost-effective and convenient way for consumers to get the most out of
their connected lifestyle. Through speech commands, which do not need to
be pre-recorded, Microsoft Voice Command offers users the following key

Voice-controlled hands-free phone. Whether in the car, at the airport or
walking down the street, people can enjoy true hands-free phone
conversations without ever having to manually dial a number. They can
simply say any name from their contacts list. For example, they might
say "call David Jones" or "dial 020 71234 5678" in order to use the
phone capability of their device.
Caller information announced. Pocket PC Phone Edition users can have
incoming call information announced as calls are received. If you think
you may have missed a call, you can simply ask "What calls did I miss?"
and Voice Command will recite the time and phone number of missed calls.

Voice-controlled calendar look up. Checking appointments has never been
easier. Regardless of location, consumers can simply ask their device
"What's my next appointment?" or "What's my calendar?" and the time,
subject and location of each entry will be spoken aloud.
Voice-controlled Windows Media Player. Now voice commands can be used as
a virtual remote control to select and play music by artist, album or
genre. People don't need to fumble for CDs anymore; instead they can
scroll through and play a long list of songs by voice activation on
Windows Media Player already installed on their device. Consumers can
simply say "Play music" using Voice Command as their personal disc
Voice-controlled utilities. Start any program in the Start menu or
programs folder, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Outlook®
calendar, contacts, tasks, games or calculator. Get signal strength,
battery level, time and day by voice. To help avoid surprises, Voice
Command will even alert you when your battery is getting low.
Voice Command uses Microsoft's own phonetic speech-recognition
technology, the result of 10 years of research, to make speech
interaction easy to use, intuitive and practical. Most voice-controlled
software requires people to pre-record verbal commands, whereas
Microsoft Voice Command allows them to use natural, conversational
commands to manage device actions with immediate effect. The software is
speaker independent, enabling the device to recognize what the user is
saying, without any prior training, resulting in effortless, "hands
free" communication. This means that the software does not need to
"learn" any specific speech traits. It recognizes the name, appointment,
music or application command and actions immediately upon installation.
This makes Microsoft Voice Command one of the most powerful, simple and
effective voice recognition applications on the market today.

Voice Command was previously released in U.S. English with great
response from consumers on the ease of use, accuracy, and how it
transformed their overall device experience. This version, specifically
designed for the United Kingdom, can recognize over 13 national dialects
from the counties across the country including, for example, Welsh,
Glaswegian and Scottish accents so that anyone in the U.K. can use
natural speech to command their device.

"Voice Command provides a significant improvement in speech software
that is dramatically changing the way people will forever use their
mobile devices," said Pieter Knook, senior vice president for Mobile and
Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft. "The product is a great example
of how we're driving synergies between our platforms and devices
business to create more powerful mobile experiences for our customers."

Voice Command will be sold in the United Kingdom as a separate
application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs at a suggested retail
price of £19.99 (approximately US$38) and can be bought online at

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in
software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize
their full potential.

This material is for informational purposes only. Microsoft Corporation
disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to use of the
material for other purposes. Microsoft Corporation shall not, at any
time, be liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential
damages, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other action
arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the
material. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting any kind of
warranty. Microsoft, Windows Mobile, Outlook and Windows Media are
either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the
United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and
products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective


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