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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:30:18 -0500

> Hello from American Printing House for the Blind!
> Please pass along this message to others who might be interested.
> Money Talks is an accessible, bank account management software package now
> available for field testing. Web and e-mail addresses that you need in
> to field test are at the bottom of this email.
> Whether you work for a rehabilitation agency or in the schools, you are a
> savvy blind computer user or are just beginning to learn, you are
> experiencing vision loss or have had no vision changes for years, you are
> studying budgeting and money management in high school or are managing
> bank accounts and two credit cards, you are knowledgeable in the blindness
> field or work in a senior center or other facility where people experience
> vision loss and low vision -- field testing this program may be for you!
> Money Talks works without other computer access software; it has built in
> speech and reads everything that you need. You can also enlarge the font
> use both voice and large print. You can turn off the built in speech and
> your own screen reader if you prefer.
> The final version of Money Talks will have good-sounding speech. WE
> able to use the good speech in our field test versions. The beta speech is
> Microsoft; though it is pretty clear, many people find the voice
> to hear. Remember that the final version will have really nice-sounding
> speech.
> With Money Talks, you can do the following and more. You can record all
> details of bank transactions including categories and subcategories and
> information in the electronic check register. You can mark individual
> transactions as cleared in the register. If you can download qif format
> files from your bank's web site, you can import them into Money Talks and
> reconcile them with your check register. You can read cleared and total
> balances at any time. You can edit transactions to correct errors, set up
> recurring transactions, add categories and subcategories, and pull up a
> previously-used payee name by typing the first few letters. You can
> totals and specific transactions in any of the categories and
> You can tell the program to check for program updates; if you are
> to the internet, it will tell you if there is a new version and ask if you
> want to download it. The program will print or braille emboss check
> registers, (not yet implemented). It will also allow you to use your
> computer and printer to write three types of checks: Quicken 3-to-a-page
> checks; business-sized checks; and raised-line, large-print checks (the
> two types available for purchase in checkbooks from most banks). Check
> printing is not fully implemented yet, but will be very soon.
> To field test, you must make a commitment to:
> download and use Money Talks;
> join our Money Talks field testing e-mail list;
> share any questions, problems, or suggestions about any aspect of the
> program or documentation on the e-mail list;
> do not discuss Money Talks outside of the e-mail list;
> download and use new field test versions of the program as it is posted --
> you can ask Money Talks to check for updates and download and install them
> very easily.
> Technical support will be provided on the e-mail list only, not by phone.
> We will give final versions of the software to up to 20 field testers who
> have offered significantly helpful suggestions.
> Everyone will receive the satisfaction of learning a new program and
> participating in its development.
> We will post frequent updates to the program based on bugs that you find,
> suggestions that you make, and implementation of a few features that
> quite finished yet. Please join us in working with this exciting program.
> E-mail me privately with any questions you may have about field testing.
> To field test,
> go to www.aph.org/beta
> and follow the directions.
> Here is what you will do as you follow the directions:
> read the general license information and click yes.
> On the next screen, click the link for Money Talks. On the next screen,
> click the download link.
> Join the Money Talks e-mail list by sending an e-mail message to:
> moneytalks-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> and write subscribe in the subject line.
> E-mail me if you have questions about field testing at: tterlau@xxxxxxx
> Best regards,
> Terrie Terlau
> Mary T. (Terrie) Terlau, Ph.D.
> Adult Life Project Leader
> Department of Educational and Technical Research
> American Printing House for the Blind
> 1839 Frankfort Ave.
> Louisville, KY 40206
> Phone:  (502) 899-2381
> Toll-free: (800) 223-1839 ext. 381
> Fax: (502) 899-2269
> Email: tterlau@xxxxxxx

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