[guispeak] FileDir 2.4 released

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, program-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 18:46:07 -0400 (EDT)


Version 2.4
Released May 8, 2007

Fixed the commands that change drives not remembering the last directory
viewed on the drive.  Now the Open Drive command, Alt+Shift+O, and
specific drive commands, Alt 1 through Alt+9, open either the root
directory or last directory viewed.  The Go to Folder and Open Folder
commands, Control+G and Control+O, behave similarly if a drive letter and
colon are entered without additional path information.

Reset the Text Out Delay setting to zero in the JAWS configuration file,
since a higher number suppresses the guessing of names when in the FileDir
dialog for specifying a directory.  The trade off is that JAWS speech will
sometimes be repetitive when navigating a list of files or folders.  A
user can raise the JAWS setting to balance these considerations according
to personal preference.

Made Control+C, Control+X, and Control+V work like Windows Explorer.  File
and folder paths are placed on the clipboard, not as plain text, but in
the binary format that now facilitates file transfers between FileDir and
Explorer views.  For a plain text list of paths instead, press Alt+C, or
Alt+Shift+C for names without the preceding parent folder.

Use the Zip List command, Control+Shift+Z, to create or update a zip
archive based on a list of files or folders in a text file.  For example,
the file backup.lst would contain the full path of the target zip archive
as the first line of text.  Subsequent lines would contain file or folder
names to be added to the archive.  Paths are not needed before these names
if they are in the same directory as the archive.

As before, Control+F4 closes the current window.  A new command,
Control+Shift+F4, closes all windows except the current one.  This may be
useful if you have opened a lot of windows, making it challenging to
choose one of particular interest.  The Windows Open command, Shift+W, now
says the number of windows open before listing their titles.

As before, Control+Slash opens a command prompt in the current directory.
Now Alt+Slash opens the directory in Windows Explorer.  The optional JAWS
scripts support Control+Backslash and Alt+Backslash as synonyms for these
commands for consistency with the "Homer editor interface."  This is part
of a JAWS scripting toolkit available as an executable installer at
or as a zip archive at


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