[guispeak] FileDir 1.8 released

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uaccess-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, program-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 16:37:45 -0500 (EST)


Version 1.8
Released February 1, 2007

Fixed The Go to Parent Folder command, Backspace, not always working from
an archive view when the .zip extension is associated with FileDir.  Note
that if you set FileDir to be the default program for browsing folders on
the computer, then choosing My Computer on the desktop will launch FileDir
instead of Windows Explorer.  You can still launch Windows Explorer either
by entering Explorer.exe at the Windows Start/Run prompt or by pressing

Adjusted the optional JAWS configuration file to reduce extraneous speech
(particularly with JAWS 8.0) when navigating among items in a directory
view.  Specifically, the Text Out Delay in the Advanced Options dialog of
JAWS Configuration Manager was raised from a value of 0 to 50 milliseconds
(thousandths of a second).

The RecycleWithDelete setting is now remembered between FileDir sessions,
and may be set via the general Options dialog, Alt+O.  As before, the
Delete key recycles items according to the current setting, which may be
toggled with Alt+Shift+R.  Regardless of this setting, the Shift+Delete
combination deletes without recycling (like Windows Explorer).
Conversely, the new Control+Delete key always deletes and recycles.  This
command was previously assigned to Control+X, but that assignment was
subsequently removed because it works differently than the conventional
Cut command, which for technical reasons, is not implemented in FileDir.

Fixed the Get FTP command, Shift+G, presenting lines of HTML rather than
file names to download with some Internet settings.  Also stopped this
command from inserting an extra slash character between a source directory
and file, which could cause a download to fail.  Revised the technique for
providing progress messages with both this and the FTP Put command,

For increased security, FileDir now prompts for the FTP Password and Unzip
Password in edit boxes that hide their values.  FileDir also saves them
between sessions in an encrypted form rather than as text with other
settings in the FileDir.ini file.  These passwords may be saved either
with the specific FTP or Unzip-related dialogs, or with the general
Options dialog, Alt+O.

Added the OpenWith action to the Context Menu, Shift+F10.  This invokes
the standard Windows dialog for associating a program with the current
file type/extension.


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