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I find a program called Acronis true image does exactly what I require. Firstly it is not as easy to use as some programs. It requires some use of the Jaws cursor. I have now sped up things even more by using the wonderful Hot Spot Clicker scripts. The version of Acronis I use is the free one. I probably will upgrade to the latest paid version soon as I like it so much. I can restore individual files or directories. as the program is an imaging one I as yet can't do a complete clone to a new drive. This is the only drawback I have found. Fortunately I do have a sited wife who can read the screen during this process. This is a problem with all the imaging programs I have found no screenreader access as no sound card drivers.
Fortunately I don't crash a drive all that often.

on 15:33 9/02/2007, Bobcat said:
I'm also checking into backup software. I have the same requirements. Many people have suggested Casper XP from However, it is mainly a whole disk backup and I don't think one can restore individual files. You can get a demo.

I found I could use the Windows XP backup but it won't save to files larger than 4GB if the target drive is fat 32. I just found free software that is supposed to enhance the Windows XP backup utility.SoftSwift backup software products for windows backup and enhancing ntbackup


I hope it doesn't have any kind of Trojans or spyware. I'm simply suspicious of "free" software unless I know lots of people that use it.

Here are some others to check out at download.com
Secura Backup Professional  and AISBackup

These programs get fairly good user reviews. But, I don't know how screen reader friendly they are.

I have an external 1 Touch Maxtor drive that came with Retrospect Express. I actually can make the software work but would need sighted help to label some of the graphics. However, I decided to junk it after it lost all of it's backup points. The solution is to stop using Windows restore points and reinstall Retrospect. I am not willing to do this.Support for the product is not good and it is not very screen reader friendly.

I'll keep you posted Virgil if I find something I like.

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I want to buy a program for backing up my hard drive to an external hard
drive.  Can anyone on this list recommend a program that works well with
speech?  I'm running Windows XP with Jaws 8.

Thank you.

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