[guispeak] A perplexing problem

  • From: "Jerry Neufeld" <jerry.neufeld@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "gui-l" <guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 22:06:01 -0500

Good evening folks.

Perhaps someone on the GuiSpeak list has a solution I haven't tried. I sure hope so.

Here's what happens, a first time and a real mystery to me.

When using my, my computer icon on my desktop to view the contents of a drive, any drive, including memory sticks, pressing enter brings up the search prompt. In such things as my documents or shared documents, files and folders are displayed normally. When pointing at a drive before attempting to open it, a glance at the file menu shows the search option to be the first in the list and bolded instead of the open option that should be there. No adjustments of any kind in the folder options have the slightest effect on the ordering in this menu, just as one might expect. The difficulty is that no other variation of parameters reorders the menu options either.

If anyone has any ideas about how to get the file menu back in correct order with my computer and drives, I'll be very grateful. I'm a bit tired of hopping up to the file menu, down arrowing to open and hitting enter, just to do what enter used to do.

By the way, I'm using XP pro with Service Pack 2 and all recent updates.

Eagerly awaiting any clues.


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