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Hi sweet boy malcolm 

my 6 pigglets are called 

Trish deirdre tracie lee anne 
rita tina and fiz 
named them after corrie 
am i now crazy or what!hahahehehehehehehehe 
No never got boys pigglets 
don't want them all having it off evdery five minutes hahahehehehehe  could end 
up with hundres of them 

hope your behaving yourself sir malcolm 
what have you been up too lately?
yearn yearn yearn oops sorry just yearning my head off here now 
going for my tea now starving 
chat later be good Love miss piggy carol x.x.x.x.  

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Hi Miss Piggy, what do you buy little piglets for Xmas. You have never said 
what sex they are. all boys or girls or mixed. What are their names. If they 
don't have any names  maybe  the group could help you to name them.

From Casper to Molly, Hope you didn't fall down that hole in the floor. Just 
think, if you had you could have been there for ever. When I heard  I went all 
funny all over. The thought of loosing my best friend. Good job your mum has 
sorted it.

From a worried Casper. meow meow meow.


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