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Good afternoon phyllis 
just seen your day  oh wow your day sounded great.
Phyllis that is nice you having new floor boards down good for you i say and wy 
not life is too short 
hey phyllis that is just fantastic you won onthe quiz great ah nice 
good for you i say 
Oh lovely here today went out in my red and white striped teashirt united 
colours hahahehehehehe 
Oh we had cooked breakfast two sausages fried eggs beans toast and pot of 
coffee great Julia had the same but she had bacon yes eating me on her plate 
hahahahaha me poor miss piggy 
julia then took me to toys department as love to know what toys are out lately 
felt these talkie walkie for kids where its like some box you hold its got 
speaker on child can talk to another child in different rooms 
very good 
looked at talking telephone on wheels for baby up to 3 eyars old 
makes noises 
looked at push a long toytorce on wheels got shaped sorter if you lift it back 
up ah so cute 
 hello kitty jigsaws hello kitty books etc 
enjoyed that 

kiddies prams silver cross prams lovely 
loiked at monster dolls got ugley  eyes yuck 
like barbie dolls but ugly they are £18 to £20 

oh good 

After that sat in garden with ice cream and chatted 
Then called in marks and spencers 
got 4 jacket potatos with cheese and onion fillings in having two later with 
salad yummy 
got bar of chock for tonight so my medicen was bought good 

Came back 

Phyllis that is brilliant news your new asda in Torquay is opening soon great 
is it a huge one 
oh that is ideal now for your shopping 
phyllis do you have table and chairs in your garden?

our julie just bought new garden wooden bench only cost £15 should of been £25 
from wilkinsons 
ideal for sitting in your garden green one or pine ones you can paint them your 
own colours 
we seen garden picnic benches few weeks ago in wilkinsons garden section even 
in b and m stores 
got two benches at side wooden but you have to slide your legs over to sit down 
nice wooden table tops 
can't remember now 
no room in our julie's garden for picnic bench shame really 

 gorgeous here today the weather lady told lies this morning she tol us all its 
going to rain typical 
Right take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Another busy morning, had the carpenter here this morning for two and a half 
hours renewing some floor boards in the bedrooms, nearly lost the cat down 
there apparently,
Yes Carole after all we did get to the quiz, we won two of the rounds, the 
picture round where we won a small bottle of wine, we came joint first in the 
theme round which was geography, but lost the tie break but then won the 
general knowledge round with a box of york fruits.

It was enjoyable evening, just the usual housework this morning, cleaning and 
washint etc, Mel is cutting the grass in the back garden and Bec is at work, we 
have a new Asda opening here in Torquay today, about ten minutes walk down the 
road, unfortunately will not get there today as have the tutor and student 
coming this afternoon, then tomorrow morning have loft insulation going in, 
busy week,

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