[guide.chat] Newsflash

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 10:02:45 +0100

From the Weatherfeild gazzette 

spotted ten minutes ago 
Chat group members all went on the rampage on the cobbles of coronation street 
famous cabin.

Carol.Vnessa Senn were seen stacking there bags and bras with loads of choclate 
and sweets 

Daft jim went straight for the bottles of bells whisky on top shelf while 
Malcolm was keeping watch outside cabin door kissing Tracie Barlow passionately 
on her fat red lips to avoid Tracie telling on us all.

Sunita got very jealous looking out of the window but raced over pulled Tracie 
by the hair then she Passionately kissed Malcolm on the floor of the pebbles by 
this time everything has gone completely off shelf 
mean time sirens came rushing down the street while Malcolm still embraced in 
Sunita arms still kissing he was struggling to get his breath 

two police cars skidded along the cobles They ignored Malcolm passed them 
arrested all chat members 
 wehn they wer all asked for explamation 
Vanessa just said 
sick of a dog 

All arrested on 
lack of energy.

Malcolm was not arrested 

Rod stewart 

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